Organized, Dry Feed Storage

When discussing facilities, many don’t consider feed storage as part of that conversation – but it is one of the most important. In the pig business, you only have 4 – 4 ½ short months to make one as good as you possibly can. Feed is one of the largest components to getting it right - so don’t cut corners. (more…)


Dirt vs. Concrete

Many people have preferences when it comes to feeding and growing livestock.  Opinions vary on numerous subjects, and the environment in which you decide to grow your pigs is no different.  Before we talk differences, the good thing about this project is that as long as pigs have a dry and comfortable environment to grow and perform in, they generally don’t get too worked up about the fanciness of their…


Lackey Livestock’s 5 Keys to Success

In our business, most people are looking for a quick fix – that next big thing to give them the competitive edge needed to win. While the effort is admirable, we have found the most success by keeping things simple, consistent and paying attention to every detail. You can outwork most and by using simple logic will achieve great things! The following are our top 5 keys to success: (more…)